About Us

The history of jewellery making at Mor dates back to the eighteenth century when our founder Shri. Anand Mor met with the idea of a wholesale jewellery business.

Risen in the land of beauty and affluence, the Zenab of Nizams, Jatin Mor Jewels inculcates in itself, the rich history and cultural influence of Hyderabad, which was once deemed as the largest princely state.

Our designs are intricate and depict in every piece the epitome of craftsmanship, which received high accolades to our founders. Appreciation and inspiration for fine arts and designs led our founders to step into the world of the retail jewellery business.

The grand legacy is now being carried to a new high by Shri. Jatin Mor, standing tall and majestic as Jatin Mor Jewels, distinguished to be one of the best designer jewellery outlets in India.

Our designs are a delightful amalgamation of modern age designing technology captivating with it the allure of the opulent Indian heritage of intricate designs. Our designers and craftsmen are chaperoned to keep up with the ebb and flow of the ever-changing fashion trends whilst preserving the legacy inherited from ancient India.

About Us